Eat to THRIVE not just survive.
— Charles Chen

Life is too short to deprive ourselves. In "Party In Your Mouth" I teach you how to celebrate with nourishing foods that heal our bodies. I am a big believer that it's not just about the foods we eat, but more about how we eat. Radiant health is a holistic approach, I dive deep in all 3 key elements body, mind & spirit. I believe all three need to be balanced to ensure a optimal life.  

In this e-book you will learn:

  • How I lost over 100 pounds & Kept it off
  • Over 50 Easy Nourishing Recipes 
  • Daily Health Hacks to Keep You Thriving 
  • Learn Balance 3 Key Elements: Body, Mind, Spirit 
  • Ways to Design Your Dream Life 
  • At Home Techniques to Detoxify Your Body
  • Learn What Foods Can Be Causing Inflammation 


*** E-book will be sent out officially February 1st 2017