I have been getting really into working out lately, and not just for physical fitness but the benefits for the mind as well. My workouts are not just for building muscles but also for MENTAL Creative Flow. I find myself coming up with the BEST ideas when I am breaking a sweat, it's almost like a form of meditation for me. It calms me down, puts things into perspective, and allows me to tap into my inspired VISION. Studies have shown that working out also releases endorphins which are FEEL GOOD chemicals to help shift our MOOD, releases STRESS hormones, and ultimately improves cognition. I am super excited for all amazing projects in the works, and all the amazing people I am BLESSED to be surrounded by. But I understand in order for me to have ENERGY, I need to make sure I FUEL my body with the correct nutrients. This is why I supplement with superfoods for peak performance. Here is a smoothie I usually drink POST-WORK, it super tasty! 




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