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CLIENT NEWS‼️ My client Joy Fennell transformed her life After I transformed my own life and lost 100 pounds, I truly felt like I received a second chance at life. I gained clarity and promised myself I would dedicate my life to helping others. I knew I wanted to pay it forward and help others be the best version of themselves. Whether that was through recipes, motivation, I knew sharing my rock bottom could help heal others. Some people would be ashamed of it, but I realized how powerful it was to shine light on our darkness. Our healing begins when we share what makes us most vulnerable. I broke through my fear and began touring the country and speaking at different expos, festivals, schools, non-profits organizations, Whole Foods Market, appearing on national tv, anywhere that would give me the opportunity to share. Through my speaking engagements I have had the privilege of meeting so many kindred spirits, I also got to meet people who are on similar paths towards personal health transformations. I remember meeting Joy Fennell two years ago after a talk I gave in NYC, Joy shared with me that she was at her bottom and needed some guidance and coaching. I agreed to personally coach her with one exception, that we be able to share her transformation with the world. Joy agreed and we began a process of personal transformation one step at a time. I knew Joy was ready to change by her willingness to do whatever it took to heal herself from Rheumatoid Arthritis. We began not only transforming the foods she ate, but created new relationships with food and most importantly herself. We began with daily affirmations, mindfulness exercises and slowly incorporating physical activity. I am proud to witness Joy's transformation, it’s not about the number on the scale, but truly how at peace and happy Joy is. Joy is radiating happiness, and I am so happy to see her shining bright. Now it’s her turn to pay it forward! Tag a friend who can use this inspiration! Send Joy Fennell some LOVE!