Photography by Zachary Tristen

We are all constantly on the go these days, bombarded with social media, notifications, emails, technology slowing down is so essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle these days. Yes I get it we have things to get done, but we are not human “DOERS” , we are human “ BEINGS”, we need to slow down to keep up with the demands of our fast pace lives. This is why I believe meditation is so key to remaining calm, connected to our higher selves, and taping into observation rather than reacting to everything that comes at us. That email can wait, that text message can wait, you don’t need to react to every person. Take time to check in with yourself, take some time to ground yourself, what is your intention for the day? Are you in flow with your day, or are we allowing other people’s agenda’s to run us ? I share my some personal benefits meditation has down for me. Below I have also included some guided meditations I recorded for some of you wanting to wake up or end your day with some mindfulness. Take a 7 day challenge for meditating every morning and see how you feel. There is also such thing as active meditation, such as yoga, walking, making tea, we don’t always have to be in a lotus position. Main point is, take time for you! Honor your spirit!


I created these cards as a daily reminder for inspiration ✨✨✨ @spirit_hustle 🙏 Shuffle and pick a card every morning for the perfect reminder of just what we need to hear. Today’s card “ Today I have faith” ☺️ Imagine a little golden ball of light within you, see that light grow, it radiates and expands and touches those you surround. This light protects you, guides you, and leads you to all the right things. This light is the love within, the faith that keeps growing when we are in uncertain stages of our life’s. Live with faith, knowing that everything work itself out, focus on the energy of love rather then fear, see all anxiety dissipate, and your golden light will grows bigger and bigger. This light shields from any negativity and radiates compassion and empathy. Your power is already within you , reclaim it ❤️ if you feel called to join the positivity @Spirit_Hustle movement you can support ↘️