Williams Sonoma Charles Chen

One of my favorite months is the month of November, it is a great reminder from nature about the changes we go through within seasons.  To me this is a reflection of the transformation that occurs miraculously, tying this to our selves I believe we too go through a shift; mentally, spiritually and physically. Our bodies began to crave different types of food, usually more hearty. The farmers are abundant in squashes, pumpkins, and hearty vegetables like brussels sprouts. I am excited to partner with Williams-Sonoma for a wellness cooking tour sharing recipes inspired for the holidays. Not only will I share recipes, I will be sharing the healing benefits of food, and talk about personal transformation. How I lost 100 pounds, reversed diabetes, and created every rituals for healing my body, mind and soul. I would love to see your beautiful faces and give you a hug! These events are open to the public, if you show up I promise you a awesome experience with good vibes only. RSVP BELOW


Butternut Squash Soup
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Charles Chen