The things I would tell my 12 year old self.  Don't give up, everything will work out in divine timing. No need to rush, keep putting in perfect effort. The bullying will stop and you will change the world. The universe has your back, keep being kind regardless of how much suffering you have endured. Count your blessings, work hard and you will be rewarded. There are things in life that are unfair, but don't be a victim you are powerful beyond measure. This too shall pass, focus on the baby steps, and soon change will happen. Stick close to those who love you for who you are. Not everyone will understand and support you but that's none of your business. Embrace the unknown, keep meditating and help others as much as possible. Love more, laugh more, and enjoy the present. Invest in yourself. This day will never be brought back again, live life fully with passion and with no shame. I Love You