charles chen daily burn

It’s never just about food, transformation is a deeper connection with ourselves. I got into food and wellness as a means to heal my body. But food was always just surface, when we talk about true transformation we need to talk about our relationship with outside substances. How we use certain things to numb our emotions, to not feel, because we are actually self medicating. I am advocate in diving deeper , understanding our wounds, and healing our past traumas. One of the biggest shifts for me is forgiving, others and myself. Letting go of shame, and loving every cell in my body, changing my thoughts to what actually serves us. When we begin to honor ourselves, and take actions that align with our true potential that’s when miracles occur. Sickness always start within our minds, change your thoughts then shift our habits. One step at a time, and no it’s not going to be easy. But trust me it’s worth digging up, what we don’t heal will just keep coming back until we learn. That’s why we are here, to guide each other back into love